To our community members:

On Friday May 1 st the Governor announced in Executive Order 202.26 that school district public libraries would have to hold their budget votes and elections via absentee ballots this year. In light of that announcement the library’s vote will be held in conjunction with the school district’s vote. That means you will receive one ballot with both the school vote and the library vote. These will be mailed to residents at the end of the month.

Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order also amended the process for running for the Board of Trustees.  Community members who are interested in running for the Board of Trustees may complete the form that is available on our website.  The deadline for these declarations is Monday, May 11 at 5:00 P.M. Information about the budget and the duties of a Trustee are available there as well.

Thank you for your constant support of the Howland Public Library and we look forward to continuing to serve you through this challenging time.


Kristen Salierno

Director, Howland Public Library

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