Library Budget Vote & Trustee Election

The Library will hold the annual budget vote and trustee election on Thursday, May 18th from 12 noon to 8pm in the Library’s community room. All registered voters in the Beacon City School District are eligible to vote. Absentee ballots are available at the library or call Amy at 845-831-1134 ext. 100 or email amy at beaconlibrary dot org with any questions.

Board of Trustee Candidates running for Election 2017-2018 

April Farley is a long-time resident, born and raised in the City of Beacon. As parent and community volunteer, she believes that the Howland Public Library has been one of the greatest resources for her family and community over the years and now. Her son has attended youth programs since he was young and as a teen had the opportunity to be part of the Spark Media Project. April says, “It would be a great honor to serve on the board and give back to the Library and help the Library to continue to bring diverse services to our community, youth and seniors.”

Stacy Christensen bought a house in Beacon 10 years ago after being introduced to the city by a friend, and falling in love with all that Beacon has to offer.  One of the first things that she did upon moving here was to acquire a library card, and for a few years she volunteered in the evenings and shelved books.  Stacy has lived in Putnam Valley, and once worked as clerk at the library there.  The first book that she learned to read was ‘Green Eggs and Ham’, and she has been an avid reader and supporter of all the programs that libraries have to offer ever since. Stacy works as a bookkeeper, and has three grown children, and one small granddaughter.

There are two seats available on the Library Board. One with a 1 year term and one with a 5 year term. The candidate receiving the most votes will win the longer term. If the budget passes, taxpayers will find that the increase in their library tax (appearing on the School Tax Bill) ranges from a low of $2.60 (property assessed at or below $150,000) to an average library tax increase between $4.00 and $6.00 for the year.

Click here for annual report to the community & library budget vote information.

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